ZIA "Flow" by Zenjoy
ZIA "Flow"

Kürzlich habe ich dieses Bild veröffentlicht, das ich vor einigen Wochen gemalt hatte und wurde daraufhin von mehreren Personen gefragt, ob dies ein Zentangle Muster sei und wie es heissen würde.

Also....ähm, bisher war's eigentlich noch keins, aber wenn ihr's gerne nachzeichnen wollt, kann ich's ja mal taufen und einen Stepout dafür zeichnen. Ich habe es noch nicht mal in einem Zentangle Tile verwendet. Aber das lässt sich ja ändern. 

I have been asked by some folks, if this was a Zentangle Pattern.....so far it wasn't, but if you feel like drawing it, I can name it and make a stepout. I haven't even tried it on a tile, but I can change this!

Tile with Spoolies by Zenjoy
Mein erstes Tile mit Spoolies

Also, geht doch! Hier ist das erste Tile mit Spoolies . So hab ich's getauft,  weil es mich an Spulen erinnert, an etwas Aufgewickeltes. Damit es auch die englisch Sprechenden verstehen und ausprechen können, hab ich's ein wenig "verenglischt". ;-)

So this is my first real tile with Spoolies! That's what I named it, cause it reminds me of coils, (but that name is allready taken), in German that is the word "Spulen", so I made Spoolies out of it, that sounds more english, and you guys can spell it as well. ;-)

So here is the stepout:

Have fun with it!

Spoolies - pattern and stepout by Zenjoy

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    Marina Hombroeckx (Montag, 09 März 2015 08:35)

    It reminds me of the ramp in the Fisherprice garage my daughter had when she was small.
    It's a shape that immediately gives depth to a tile.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • #2

    Holly {ha! designs} (Montag, 09 März 2015 14:16)

    Hanny... You've created ANOTHER AWESOME tangle!! I can't wait to give it a try! As always, your art is gorgeous and an inspiration....

  • #3

    Hanny Waldburger (Mittwoch, 11 März 2015 08:17)

    Marina, I can see what you mean with that ramp ;-))). The pattern ist very simple, but as you say adding a lot of depth and movement to a tile.

    Holly, thanks for your sweet words! I'll love to see what you both do with the pattern.

  • #4

    Sally Quimby (Donnerstag, 26 Mai 2016 01:22)

    I LOVE your website!! You are so creative. I am new to Zentangle and search for everything I can find. You have some real treasures here!! Thank you for sharing!! From Texas....

  • #5

    Theresa Schroeder (Mittwoch, 04 Januar 2017 19:04)

    This is a very relaxing Tangle! I love the way it goes "back and forth" and is definitely easy and meditative. I can't wait to use it in on a tile, for that sense of motion. Thank you for this!
    From Tennessee

  • #6

    Paula Commander (Mittwoch, 04 Januar 2017 20:17)

    I love it. It will definitely add beauty to any tangle.

  • #7

    Lynn Noyes (Donnerstag, 05 Januar 2017 01:33)

    Love how this flows back and forth. Very meditative. Thank you for sharing!

  • #8

    Vicki (Donnerstag, 05 Januar 2017)

    Thanks for making this such an easy to do, yet full of depth tangle. Love it!
    Vicki from Comox, BC, Canada